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7/331 Miller Street, Cammeray

7/331 Miller Street, Cammeray

My experience with Garwoods Estate Agents has been nothing short of exceptional. The professionalism, approachability, and high quality service provided by Rebecca Knox is unbeatable. Rebecca is responsive, efficient, warm and friendly, and very knowledgeable, which makes every interaction effortless. When we moved into the apartment she was very warm and considerate, and gifted us a small housewarming plant, which was such a lovely touch. We are extremely impressed by the high quality of service provided by Garwoods Estate Agents, particularly Rebecca. Would highly recommend. Would give more than 5 stars if possible!
11/34 Gerard Street

11/34 Gerard Street, Cremorne

I cannot recommend James, Jane and their team enough. I moved away from Sydney around 6 years ago, and had fully renovated my apartment prior to leaving Sydney. I don't visit the property for inspection often either - would rather leave that to the professionals.
I previously had another local agency looking after my apartment, and I was finding it extremely difficult to get valid answers about my apartment. The straw that broke the camel’s back, was when a 12-month lease was cancelled within 6 months, and after 6 weeks of trying to get my apartment leased again, they were unable to do so. Despite my being advised by their automated system that over 40 couples had attended inspections! Their only advice was to reduce the rent by over $5k p.a. Given I have a mortgage and am running my business, reducing my income like this was profound. I couldn't understand why none of the attending inspections were able to be converted into a lease agreement.
I found James, Jane and their team when another owner in the building saw my "reduced rent" post on Facebook. The other owner called me immediately tell me he had similar problems with his previous property manager. He insisted that I got apartment checked by the Garwoods because something didn't seem right. He told me that James and his team - made property investment come with peace of mind. It was enough for me to investigate the switch.
The other owner, like myself had lived in his apartments for quite some time, so our personal attachment to our investment was also unique. Meaning, our apartments were previously our homes and our community, so having a property manager who looked at our investment in the same light as us was imperative.
When the team arrived at my apartment to review (within 24 hours of my approaching them), they found that not only did it require serious repair, but it was filthy. When I sent the photos that James' team provided to my current agent and requested that I obtain the bond and copies of all the outgoing tenant reports for the 3 tenants they managed for me, I found that not only was the bond released, but no outgoing reports had ever been prepared!
This all occurred during my work season, and the stress of my investment on top of work was unbearable. I wasn't sleeping.
James, jane and their team, also realised really quickly, the stress I was under.
As such, they proactively took a hold of everything for me, and told me not to worry. They gave me daily feedback of progress so I actually wouldn't worry.
Within 7 days of getting the keys to my apartment (a Friday afternoon), they had:
•Completed all major works within budget,
•Had apartment professionally cleaned (it took almost a full day - my apartment is a 1 bedroom)
•Had organised some minor renovations I wanted done (i.e. built in wardrobes - these were installed prior to the new tenants moving in)
•obtained new professional photographs
•Advertised my apartment
•Got me 2 qualified tenants to move in within the month (I think it was shorter - but I can't remember exact dates)
Once we had the apartment approved for tenancy, the team thoroughly researched and provided me with the legal backing and my property rights to lobby the other agency in order to ultimately obtain a settlement from them to assist with the cost of works I needed to perform due to their negligence.
What I love most about working with the Garwoods team, is that this isn't a once off. It's ongoing standard of practice.
I receive copies of inspection reports, and they explain any repair works that required after they inspect - rather than stupid repairs like I've previously been asked to pay for by my previous agency which were user error.
Only recently, Garwoods did a routine inspection of my apartment, and identified that my smoke alarm light wasn't working (I don't know about you, but that's a really small light to notice!). Knowing I'm often incredibly busy and don't really want to worry about my investment unless really required, they proactively resolved the issue for me, and then let me know the action he took to protect my legal standing after the fact.
Like he said - this was a non-negotiable must get done kind of fix that if left until he could get a hold of me, would leave me legally exposed which isn't ideal. All other repairs that don't leave me so exposed, his team will always ensure I respond with approval before going ahead.

What is the most relief is that these past few months working with James' team have been the easiest in the past 6 years of renting out my apartment. I feel adequately informed and feel that they genuinely appreciate that this is a significant investment for me and take that responsibility seriously. They always keep me informed of any new legal things I need to know, and always proactively let me know if there is something I need to do.
I am sure you can feel, I cannot recommend James and his team highly enough. I only wish that there were more property managers out there who were as professional - because if there were, I wouldn't be so wary to invest large funds into another property to continue to diversify my portfolio! :-)
310/53 Palmer Street, Cammeray

310/53 Palmer Street, Cammeray - Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Rebecca from Garwoods has been amazing throughout the tenancy process, keeping me informed and going above and beyond what was necessary to ensure it was a smooth process. Thank you so much for your help during these crazy times!
23/25A Marks Street, Naremburn

23/25A Marks Street, Naremburn - Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Great, refreshing experience! I really felt as though Rebecca was in our corner, taking care to understand what we were looking for and working hard to find us the right property. Rebecca was super-easy to communicate with, everything was taken care of quickly and with no fuss. Strongly recommend!
6/77A Carter Street, Cammeray

6/77A Carter Street, Cammeray

Professional agent who was friendly and helpful with the leasing process.
Would highly recommend them.
104/2 Duntroon Avenue, St Leonards

104/2 Duntroon Avenue, St Leonards

Recently we had a long-term excellent tenant move out of our apartment when we were living overseas. Garwoods came highly recommended as property managers, and after dealing with both James and Rebecca, I couldn't agree more. Rebecca went above and beyond to make sure we got a quality tenant that met our needs, and was very helpful in answering my many questions. Thanks so much to Rebecca and the whole team for the personalised service that adds so much!
20 Phillip Street, Newtown

20 Phillip Street, Newtown - Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Rebecca Knox is our agent for a rental property in Newtown. She is very responsive and easy to deal with. Precisely what you want from a property manager.
21/25A Marks Street, Naremburn

21/25A Marks Street, Naremburn

A friendly property management team with an eye for detail. Garwood’s offer a proactive and professional service!
3/37 The Boulevarde, Cammeray

3/37 The Boulevarde, Cammeray

Rebecca has been so accommodating and easy to work with. It is my partner and I's first time moving out together, so Rebecca made sure she's looked after us and made it a seamless process. She even went out of her way to meet us at the property and give us an extra inspection before we committed. A big part of the reason we chose the apartment was because we wanted a good relationship with our property manager and we know we'll have that long term with Rebecca and Garwoods.
She also made sure that the place is immaculate before we move in.
45 Grafton Avenue, Naremburn

45 Grafton Avenue, Naremburn - Professionalism

James, Jane and Rebecca have been a pleasure to deal with. Their professionalism and attention to detail is second to none.
1 Tiley Street, Cammeray

1 Tiley Street, Cammeray - Professionalism, Responsiveness

I have been working with Rebecca from Garwoods since the beginning of the year and can honestly say that she has been the best property manager I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Highly responsive, friendly and always manages queries in a professional manner.
45/25A Marks Street, Naremburn

45/25A Marks Street, Naremburn - Responsiveness

I highly recommend Rebecca Knox as a Property Manager. She is attentive, friendly, professional and most importantly quick to action. I am a new tenant. I find her service impeccable.
316/298-304 Sussex Street, Sydney

316/298-304 Sussex Street, Sydney

Rebecca is wonderful even though she was obviously extremely busy she still managed to make me feel like I was her priority
5/3 Churchill Crescent, Cammeray

5/3 Churchill Crescent, Cammeray - Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Garwoods is a wonderful agency, very personable team. Jane sold me my apartment years ago and am thrilled to have them look after my rental property. James and Rebecca look after both mine and my tenants needs with professionalism and I trust them implicitly to do the right thing. I would highly recommend them and if I ever decide to sell, they are the only team I would consider handling it for me!
7/10 Lindsay Street, Neutral Bay

7/10 Lindsay Street, Neutral Bay - Responsiveness

For the past 3 years, the Garwoods leasing management team have managed 2 of our north shore properties in the Balmoral, Mosman and Neutral Bay. I have found the team members to always be highly responsive, efficient, find cost-effective maintenance services when needed. They seek good, reliable tenants who take great care of our investment properties. Highly recommend Garwoods for all property needs in leasing and selling in the Cammeray, lower north shore and surrounding areas.
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